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The Turban / Dastar / Pagri, is a symbol of spirituality, honour, courage and Self- Respect. Sikhs regard the turban as an important part of the Unique Sikh identity.
We at Sikhworld, gives you the Best Quality
Average Turban Size is 5meters for Single & 6meters for Double.
NOTE : Please take special care while washing the Turbans.Do not dry in Direct Sunlight. Dry in Shade. Do not bleach. Wash Each Turban separately.
Even though we try our level best to give you the exactly same colour of product you select. There could be a slight variation in the actual colour of product and the colour in the image due to factors contributing to your screen resolution, viewing angle and our different product lots.
At www.sikhworld.in, although we sell Fast colour Turbans. But we don`t take any colour guarantee.